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Update & Found Archive


A few months ago two things happened in a short space of time which has brought my posts to a grinding halt on The 35mm Project. First I dropped my C-41 colour chemicals on the floor because the wardrobe shelf collapsed … I was storing the bleach, stabiliser and developer in 3 x 1 L glass bottles on the top shelf (rookie mistake) and as you can imagine it made a pretty epic…BOOM! Smashed glass and brown shitty chemicals all over my floor.

I screamed a few expletives and my partner come running in to the room wondering what I had done…I cleaned up the mess and decided to purchase some plastic chemical storage bottles for future C-41 processing and changed the location of all my gear from the top shelf to the bottom shelf. Lesson learned! Unfortunately It had been a while since developing colour film and the concentrated chemicals had spoilt, separating into a weird goo with flakes in. Boo! I am going to hang off ordering more Tetenal until I have around 30 rolls of film to develop otherwise I wouldn’t be cost or environmentally conscious! Luckily even exposed film can be stored for a significant amount of time when kept cold in the fridge.

Secondly my 9 year old MacBook Pro died! It had been on it’s way out for a while but this time it was non repairable :(. I decided to replace it but wanted to pay off some debt first. So fast forward from March to July and I have a new MacBook, I am back online and almost near completion of a project I have been working on for around a year…

The Found Archive:

Around a year ago I started scanning the negatives of photographs my father took between the 1980’s to the early 2000’s of my family, our holidays, friends and various events in our lives. The catalogue of images he captured looks back at our younger years through his eyes. It is nostalgic for me not only to reflect on my childhood but also to review the old film that one can no longer purchase.

To date I have scanned 2,265 frames from an assortment of 24 and 36 exposure film. The negatives when I received them had been stored in a metal fireproof box in their original holder from the print labs my father used many years ago. There was a few times when handling the negatives I winced at the lab gluing paper along the side of frames which I had to carefully remove so as not to damage the image. Since inheriting the negatives I have cleaned them, archived them in sleeves and store them in a well made photographic archival binder. Interestedly the camera that I am shooting with today is the same camera that my father used for most of the photographs during this period of time (released 1987), a Canon EOS 620.

I am now in the final stages of my project – scanning the final photographs, cropping and preparing them for upload and giving the original prints away to my family members. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos when I upload them as much as I have scanning them.


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Zenit 12S USSR Camera

Dear readers

I have discovered on my travels a very unique Zenit 12S USSR Camera that resembles a machine gun! Trust the USSR to make something so … USSR! The camera is pretty bulky and when the gun attachment is attached to the camera it becomes ridiculous to see and to use.

If you’re planning on visiting the beach this summer and taking photographs of the kids for your family album i’d make sure to be ready for the local police to come and swarm the area before taking this out! Enough about that, after sussing out the dials and buttons i came to the conclusion that it’s astonishingly heavy and very slow and cumbersome to use.

Towards the front there is a large chrome screw mechanism that winds the zoom in/out. Due to the size of the dial and comparative size of the zoom mechanism it is, suffice to say frustrating and painstakingly slow to move and adjust. The central dial is used to screw the lens onto the gun attachment for the camera, which has a cable release cord to attach to the camera so when you depress the trigger it fires a frame respectively.

Storage is a bonus! Coming in it’s own military style metal container with filters, lenses and various screwdrivers and attachments so that you can adjust the camera and change features. When you’re finished with the camera it can be neatly bolted into the container. Lovely.

Although awkward to use and ultimately a strange camera i was amazed at it’s bold design. I feel that without the gun attachment and possibly with the smaller lens it would be great to take out and trial. The mechanics seemed in tip top working condition too so this is definitely a well preserved piece of equipment.

‘Invisible’ Male Domestic Violence Campaign

Hi everyone!

Apologies I have been so busy lately i haven’t been shooting any film, i do however have a roll of Infrared 400s thats ready to be developed + scanned + uploaded so that will be coming shortly.

Since my last post I have finished my dissertation and started a campaign for my Final Major Project at University which i hope you will support, share and provide any feedback. 🙂

You will get more information on the campaign on my main website and on the Twitter page @Invisible_DV

Watch this space for the next post in about a week or so for Infrared 400s


Pride Exhibition at Gallery 1885

So here it is after all the preparation my exhibition hanging in Gallery 1885.